Monday, February 2, 2009

Paws dog Chance

Jamie's Daddy died just after the first of the year from cancer. She promised her Dad we would take care of "Chance", his blind little mini collie. We brought Chance to our house from the home-place on Tuesday January 27 2009. Some time that same night Chance got out of the back yard fence. We did not notice that he was gone until Chris got up and checked on him that next morning. We searched the neighborhood up to a 3 to 4 square mile area and could not find him. Needless to say everyone was very upset, we FAILED the very first night to take care of him and he was gone. We all felt like we had let Jamie's Daddy down. The next several days were difficult to say the least. Saturday morning the 31st of January I had a voice mail from the Humane Society that some one had found a little collie that was blind about 2 miles from the house. Chance had not only got loose but something had attacked him, he has deep punctures around the neck area. A neighbor up the street across the highway found him wandering in the road early Wednesday morning on her way to work. She took him home and nursed him the best she could and she contacted the Humane Society. These people saved Chance, thank God they were there and able to help him. These are some pictures of him from the home place and since we have him back.

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